Why does spirit communicate?

Sitter: Umm, I’d like to know why you come to the Earth-Plane to talk to us?

Charlie: Hmm, ah, I wonder myself sometimes. I come because I am called, because I desire to work this form. It is an opportunity to give people insight and awareness they might not gain otherwise. To answer questions, but most importantly to give them a new platform from which to ask new questions.

Many people, in this world today, have turned away from matters of spirit and faith and belief, they follow a new master, which is a very inflexible teacher. It allows only one answer to any question, and that answer must always be absolute and irrefutable. More than one answer is simply not accepted by men of today’s science.

Yet, as now, these men are finding in truth there is more than one answer to many questions. In simple mathematics it is possible to prove two answers to a single question. This is learnt at even school level. And as now they explore deeper into the mysteries that confront them, they are finding that some things have no answer at all until they are observed, and then the act of observation will determine the state of the answer. So, those people who find themselves in this room are often those who are looking for alternative solutions to those [questions] presented by modern thinking.

All men, all women have, inside, a yearning that cannot be met by science alone. There is an inbuilt desire to know the truth; the inner truth. Some search in their own way, some turn their backs, some meditate, some read others thoughts and answers and derive their own. Some are hit by a large brick from behind…

Group: Laughter.

Charlie: … and suddenly realise they were on the wrong path. All ways are valid ways, and no path is incorrect- even that of modern science, because there too, unless you follow blindly, you will be required to think and question.
To come here is simply an opportunity to look at questions in a different way and provide some room for thought that perhaps there is more to life than meets the eye or can be measured. Does this answer your question my friend?

Sitter: Yes, it does. Can I ask another question?

Charlie: You may ask as much as you like, I may not always choose to answer everything though.

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