Black Sheep

Sitter: May I ask a question?

Billy: You may ask whatever you like my dear, can’t always guarantee I’ll tell you the answer though.

Sitter: If you appear to be the black sheep of the family, do we invoke karma for a future life with those that are in that family?

Billy: Nope. Next question.

Group: Laughter.

Sitter: Thank you.

Billy: No, I’m just joking. No, uh. It is as the other chap was saying; it’s all about perspective and no one is right or wrong, left or right.
Just because what you might see to be something, or someone, as a black sheep does not mean that they are less or more than any other.

Quite often you will find that those who are labelled as black sheep of the family are actually those that have come with a pure intent and love in their hearts, typified with the very challenges that will enable their sisters and brothers to grow, and they do so at their own cost in the full knowledge that they will be rejected or be labelled, or have their lives made difficult, but they do so to benefit their brothers and sisters.
So if there is a family you know of, or one within your own family has been labelled the black sheep, that is a position of great honour and should not be regarded as one to be diminished in any way. It takes great courage to step outside that which is expected of you and to follow your own path and to stick to your own ideas regardless of what others might wish. Does this help a little bit?

Sitter: Thank you, yes.

Billy: Take comfort from this and know that in time all those involved in this situation will see the truth and will be aware of the sacrifices that have been made and the love that has been shared. It is an honour to be in this position.