Just One

Sitter:  Are you one spirit person that has passed, or are you a gathering?

Charlie: Imagine the crystal you saw before entering the room.  Thousands upon thousands of different facets and faces, structures, shapes...yet all, as a whole, were part of one piece.  Those individual parts were both unique and different and yet of the same, of the same structure of the same substance.

And you imagine a forest... is it a collection of trees that just happen to be in the same place, or is a forest a collective thing?  Expand that out to an area that may have, three woods and two large forests, maybe a stand of trees in one corner of a field, yet within sight of each other.  All are independent, all are one, all are parts of the same thing. 

An open field of buttercups, each individual flower looks independent, looks like a field of buttercups that are growing...yet look beneath the surface of the soil and you find it is one plant, for all are interconnected, it is a not a thousand buttercup plants, but rather it is one buttercup plant with a thousand flowers.

We are much like the flowers, some are brighter, some are stronger, each one is individual, each one in itself is perfect in its own existence...yet we are part of the same, we are in fact one. 
And so when we call upon the collective, we are simply accessing different parts of ourself.  Nothing is more and nothing is less.
And take a longer view of the planet, one tiny, tiny, tiny planet spinning around a tiny tiny, tiny sun in a tiny tiny tiny galaxy...among millions and millions of others in an infinite space that has no start, no end, no beginning, no close.  Distance is not measurable if it is infinite, and the mind would struggle to contain the concept of infinite in its fullness without snapping.  It simply isn’t something we can enclose and grasp.

Planned passing

Sitter: Um, as I understand it...when we’re in spirit we plan our…we know the time of our death, but this last week gone there was a teenage girl who was enjoying herself, she had rather an horrific accident. I wonder if… do we choose exactly how we are going to die or is it just a generalisation and then it just happens, like this girl’s nasty accident?

Charlie: The answer to your question is yes to all, which is not what you wish to hear.
Sitter: Hmm.

Charlie: But, it is a generalisation and it is an absolute at the same time. The exact nature of your passing is determined by yourself, but at a higher level than you are normally aware of. In this respect we can quickly get into deep waters – but you exist on more than one level, yet you are aware of only one level of existence for the most part of your life. There is a higher level of awareness that is not brought into daily awareness, and it is at this level that the precise nature of your transition and timing is determined.

You will enter into this world with a clear plan, and you have your own goals to reach and you will set yourself a timescale to reach those. Some of those goals may be for personal growth and learning, others may be to experience different forms and facets of love. It may be that you wish only to come to barely briefly touch the world, to experience absolute unconditional love within the mother’s womb and yet not have a requirement to experience physical life beyond that.

But do not forget; you come not alone but with everyone else within your circle of friends and family; so you may well chose to depart in a particular form for the benefit and awareness of another. This method of departure may be, in physical terms, horrific or tragic, yet there is growth and learning and experience for those who are left behind, and it may be that it is for that purpose that you have chosen to leave so abruptly.

There is no accidental death; all life has purpose and all events have meaning, and it is what you extract from those events that determines your own growth and development. And when your path is finished you will simply step aside and move on to the new one. Those that have been listening closely to these words may recognise a conflict between this answer and that given previously where
I spoke of those who do not make a clean transition, or who may get delayed by their own belief systems – this is something for you to perhaps contemplate and see a path though.

What is the spirit world like?

Sitter: Could you explain or describe what the spirit-world is like, in any detail?

Charlie: Ah, as much detail as you require. The spirit-world is a combination of other spirit energies, but mostly your own expectations and perceptions. It is or, I should say, it will, to your eyes, on your arrival here seem very much like the world you have known; there will be remarkably little difference. You will look and feel and hear the same, you will have touch and you will perceive yourself to have a physical body.

On arrival here, depending on your state of departure, you will be brought back to full health if it is required – some require more help than others. However, the world you will encounter will be very much a creation of your own perceptions and expectations. If you firmly believe that, let us suggest you were a devout Muslim you would have clear expectations as to the world you would expect to encounter. If you were a devout Christian of a particular sect you may believe strongly that only you of that particular sect were to be saved, you would find yourself in the company of only those who also believed they were to be saved in your belief, and in this it would validate your belief system.

But, in time, you might start to question and, eventually, your perception would open to allow you to see beyond the confines of these beliefs. There are many who find themselves in states unfortunate that you might feel they were not satisfactory. There are many who transition to their new world with such firm beliefs, or lack of expectation, that they may not find themselves open to the wonders that await them. But this is only a temporary place.

There are many, many earths who work ceaselessly to help such unfortunate people; they are there on hand to open the doors that they may perceive the truth that awaits them. There are more than one state of awareness, you are now currently in your current state of awareness, and the physical world you experience and live in seems to you to be absolute and relative, in that the floor is absolutely hard, and you exist relative to everything else in your world. Yet, in the spirit-world, things are not absolute or totally relative; relativity is a flexible term in spirit. You may question why we are so enthusiastic to share this knowledge when, in truth, every single living being will experience this for themselves in due course.

By having an awareness and an openness to the truth of spirit it is far easier to move through the first levels and reengage with your true spiritual person, with your true energy, and then you are able again to move forward and grow in a new way. I have touched here on a deeper truth that is possibly closer in answer to your earlier question, but I will not expand on this further now; perhaps another time. Maybe you will be able to refine your question to something more specific you wish to understand, but as I have told those assembled here before, my purpose is not to answer questions with absolutes, but to provide a platform from which you may explore and answer your own questions.

Black Sheep

Sitter: May I ask a question?

Billy: You may ask whatever you like my dear, can’t always guarantee I’ll tell you the answer though.

Sitter: If you appear to be the black sheep of the family, do we invoke karma for a future life with those that are in that family?

Billy: Nope. Next question.

Group: Laughter.

Sitter: Thank you.

Billy: No, I’m just joking. No, uh. It is as the other chap was saying; it’s all about perspective and no one is right or wrong, left or right.
Just because what you might see to be something, or someone, as a black sheep does not mean that they are less or more than any other.

Quite often you will find that those who are labelled as black sheep of the family are actually those that have come with a pure intent and love in their hearts, typified with the very challenges that will enable their sisters and brothers to grow, and they do so at their own cost in the full knowledge that they will be rejected or be labelled, or have their lives made difficult, but they do so to benefit their brothers and sisters.
So if there is a family you know of, or one within your own family has been labelled the black sheep, that is a position of great honour and should not be regarded as one to be diminished in any way. It takes great courage to step outside that which is expected of you and to follow your own path and to stick to your own ideas regardless of what others might wish. Does this help a little bit?

Sitter: Thank you, yes.

Billy: Take comfort from this and know that in time all those involved in this situation will see the truth and will be aware of the sacrifices that have been made and the love that has been shared. It is an honour to be in this position.

Why does spirit communicate?

Sitter: Umm, I’d like to know why you come to the Earth-Plane to talk to us?

Charlie: Hmm, ah, I wonder myself sometimes. I come because I am called, because I desire to work this form. It is an opportunity to give people insight and awareness they might not gain otherwise. To answer questions, but most importantly to give them a new platform from which to ask new questions.

Many people, in this world today, have turned away from matters of spirit and faith and belief, they follow a new master, which is a very inflexible teacher. It allows only one answer to any question, and that answer must always be absolute and irrefutable. More than one answer is simply not accepted by men of today’s science.

Yet, as now, these men are finding in truth there is more than one answer to many questions. In simple mathematics it is possible to prove two answers to a single question. This is learnt at even school level. And as now they explore deeper into the mysteries that confront them, they are finding that some things have no answer at all until they are observed, and then the act of observation will determine the state of the answer. So, those people who find themselves in this room are often those who are looking for alternative solutions to those [questions] presented by modern thinking.

All men, all women have, inside, a yearning that cannot be met by science alone. There is an inbuilt desire to know the truth; the inner truth. Some search in their own way, some turn their backs, some meditate, some read others thoughts and answers and derive their own. Some are hit by a large brick from behind…

Group: Laughter.

Charlie: … and suddenly realise they were on the wrong path. All ways are valid ways, and no path is incorrect- even that of modern science, because there too, unless you follow blindly, you will be required to think and question.
To come here is simply an opportunity to look at questions in a different way and provide some room for thought that perhaps there is more to life than meets the eye or can be measured. Does this answer your question my friend?

Sitter: Yes, it does. Can I ask another question?

Charlie: You may ask as much as you like, I may not always choose to answer everything though.

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