Just One

Sitter:  Are you one spirit person that has passed, or are you a gathering?

Charlie: Imagine the crystal you saw before entering the room.  Thousands upon thousands of different facets and faces, structures, shapes...yet all, as a whole, were part of one piece.  Those individual parts were both unique and different and yet of the same, of the same structure of the same substance.

And you imagine a forest... is it a collection of trees that just happen to be in the same place, or is a forest a collective thing?  Expand that out to an area that may have, three woods and two large forests, maybe a stand of trees in one corner of a field, yet within sight of each other.  All are independent, all are one, all are parts of the same thing. 

An open field of buttercups, each individual flower looks independent, looks like a field of buttercups that are growing...yet look beneath the surface of the soil and you find it is one plant, for all are interconnected, it is a not a thousand buttercup plants, but rather it is one buttercup plant with a thousand flowers.

We are much like the flowers, some are brighter, some are stronger, each one is individual, each one in itself is perfect in its own existence...yet we are part of the same, we are in fact one. 
And so when we call upon the collective, we are simply accessing different parts of ourself.  Nothing is more and nothing is less.
And take a longer view of the planet, one tiny, tiny, tiny planet spinning around a tiny tiny, tiny sun in a tiny tiny tiny galaxy...among millions and millions of others in an infinite space that has no start, no end, no beginning, no close.  Distance is not measurable if it is infinite, and the mind would struggle to contain the concept of infinite in its fullness without snapping.  It simply isn’t something we can enclose and grasp.