Planned passing

Sitter: Um, as I understand it...when we’re in spirit we plan our…we know the time of our death, but this last week gone there was a teenage girl who was enjoying herself, she had rather an horrific accident. I wonder if… do we choose exactly how we are going to die or is it just a generalisation and then it just happens, like this girl’s nasty accident?

Charlie: The answer to your question is yes to all, which is not what you wish to hear.
Sitter: Hmm.

Charlie: But, it is a generalisation and it is an absolute at the same time. The exact nature of your passing is determined by yourself, but at a higher level than you are normally aware of. In this respect we can quickly get into deep waters – but you exist on more than one level, yet you are aware of only one level of existence for the most part of your life. There is a higher level of awareness that is not brought into daily awareness, and it is at this level that the precise nature of your transition and timing is determined.

You will enter into this world with a clear plan, and you have your own goals to reach and you will set yourself a timescale to reach those. Some of those goals may be for personal growth and learning, others may be to experience different forms and facets of love. It may be that you wish only to come to barely briefly touch the world, to experience absolute unconditional love within the mother’s womb and yet not have a requirement to experience physical life beyond that.

But do not forget; you come not alone but with everyone else within your circle of friends and family; so you may well chose to depart in a particular form for the benefit and awareness of another. This method of departure may be, in physical terms, horrific or tragic, yet there is growth and learning and experience for those who are left behind, and it may be that it is for that purpose that you have chosen to leave so abruptly.

There is no accidental death; all life has purpose and all events have meaning, and it is what you extract from those events that determines your own growth and development. And when your path is finished you will simply step aside and move on to the new one. Those that have been listening closely to these words may recognise a conflict between this answer and that given previously where
I spoke of those who do not make a clean transition, or who may get delayed by their own belief systems – this is something for you to perhaps contemplate and see a path though.