What is the spirit world like?

Sitter: Could you explain or describe what the spirit-world is like, in any detail?

Charlie: Ah, as much detail as you require. The spirit-world is a combination of other spirit energies, but mostly your own expectations and perceptions. It is or, I should say, it will, to your eyes, on your arrival here seem very much like the world you have known; there will be remarkably little difference. You will look and feel and hear the same, you will have touch and you will perceive yourself to have a physical body.

On arrival here, depending on your state of departure, you will be brought back to full health if it is required – some require more help than others. However, the world you will encounter will be very much a creation of your own perceptions and expectations. If you firmly believe that, let us suggest you were a devout Muslim you would have clear expectations as to the world you would expect to encounter. If you were a devout Christian of a particular sect you may believe strongly that only you of that particular sect were to be saved, you would find yourself in the company of only those who also believed they were to be saved in your belief, and in this it would validate your belief system.

But, in time, you might start to question and, eventually, your perception would open to allow you to see beyond the confines of these beliefs. There are many who find themselves in states unfortunate that you might feel they were not satisfactory. There are many who transition to their new world with such firm beliefs, or lack of expectation, that they may not find themselves open to the wonders that await them. But this is only a temporary place.

There are many, many earths who work ceaselessly to help such unfortunate people; they are there on hand to open the doors that they may perceive the truth that awaits them. There are more than one state of awareness, you are now currently in your current state of awareness, and the physical world you experience and live in seems to you to be absolute and relative, in that the floor is absolutely hard, and you exist relative to everything else in your world. Yet, in the spirit-world, things are not absolute or totally relative; relativity is a flexible term in spirit. You may question why we are so enthusiastic to share this knowledge when, in truth, every single living being will experience this for themselves in due course.

By having an awareness and an openness to the truth of spirit it is far easier to move through the first levels and reengage with your true spiritual person, with your true energy, and then you are able again to move forward and grow in a new way. I have touched here on a deeper truth that is possibly closer in answer to your earlier question, but I will not expand on this further now; perhaps another time. Maybe you will be able to refine your question to something more specific you wish to understand, but as I have told those assembled here before, my purpose is not to answer questions with absolutes, but to provide a platform from which you may explore and answer your own questions.